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I pride myself in high quality work done in a timely manner.

My passion for remodeling began in the early 90s and has not let up.  After seeing the results of my work and the ever-growing complexity of the projects I was doing, I realized I had both the passion and the skill for remodeling.

The satisfaction of renovating homes was what gave me the desire to start my own painting and remodeling company. With the encouragement of family and friends (many of whom I did work for), I decided to open Blue Harbors Interior Painting.

I take what I do very seriously. Frame and finish work is a craft and I constantly study new tools and techniques in order to deliver the best results to my clients.

Having remodeled my own homes, I understand the stress and expense associated with each step in the process. It is why I strive to ensure Blue Harbors provides unsurpassed quality work and delivers our services in such as a way as to alleviate some of the stress associated with remodeling your home.

Blue Harbors Interior Painting will give each client a professional, friendly experience with small business pricing.

I love what I do. I also have the ability to work weekends and nights.


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